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On Jan. 1, 2020, the law firm of Tinti, Quinn, Grover & Frey, P.C. located in Salem, Massachusetts and the law firm of King & Navins, P.C., located in Wellesley, Massachusetts merged to form one law firm to be known as Tinti & Navins, P.C. As a merged law firm, Tinti & Navins is better able to serve clients by providing a broader range of legal services throughout the North Shore, Metro West region, and Greater Boston area.

Tinti, Quinn, Grover & Frey, P.C. which was founded in 1982, was a general practice firm with concentrations in commercial and residential real estate, business and employment law, estate planning, tax and estate administration, as well as an expanded litigation practice that includes contract disputes, personal injury matters and consumer protection disputes.


King & Navins P.C,. founded in 1989, among other areas of practice, has a predominant focus on estate planning, estate and trust administration, and its members regularly serve as fiduciaries.

Reviewing the Law
Law Firm

Both law firms have built strong reputations and large client bases. With 16 lawyers, the merged firm will be one of the larger suburban law firms located in the greater Boston area. The combination of skills, professionalism and expertise of the merged firm, Tinti & Navins will have the capacity to assist clients with all major and sophisticated legal needs.


With Tinti & Navins, P.C., you should expect the best and we are waiting for your call.

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